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Senior Strategic Planner

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This role is responsible for defining, planning, and implementing the client brief to ensure campaign ideas and strategies are effective and targeted to the right audiences. Senior Strategic Planner provides projects with strategic direction and defines the guidelines from which the creative team and other teams can work easily.


1. For client:

  • Get and clarify the brief from client and understand it deeply
  • Examine clients’ businesses to get to know their brands and understand their objectives to proactively offer them the best marketing & strategy solutions
  • Research and gather data to understand consumer insights, market trends and to develop effective marketing communication strategies that meet client’s requirements and budget
  • Maximize the use of Creatory’s available resources (such as KOLs, virtual KOLs, virtual production, metaverse, etc.) to leverage communication strategy for clients 
  • Study and apply latest digital tools and trends into proposals 
  • Create proposal logically and beautifully
  • Do amazing presentations to clients and win their hearts

2.For internal: 

  • Provide solutions to reach more clients and offer our services (such as email MKT to sell our Brand Channel)
  • Be able to debrief clearly and give exact proposition and strategic direction to internal team
  • Coordinate with internal team develop plans and win the projects
  • Control client budget and revenue-cost, to ensure the required profitability for company
  • Guide and support internal team for researching
  • Follow up the internal execution to ensure we deliver our promise
  • Conduct the internal training when being requested 
  • Research and give strategic direction to consult Brand Operation team and other teams for internal projects such as roadmap and awareness campaign of exclusive KOLs, sales campaign for exclusive KOL’s merchandise, etc.
  • Perform other tasks as requested by Line Manager


  • At least 3-4 years of experience in a similar role in industry 
  • Experience mining for and examining research data from multiple sources including primary and secondary research (data monitors, reports, etc.) and crafting thoughtful research reviews to be used for planning to develop insights, strategy and ideas. 
  • Proven track record in developing strategic digital marketing plans 
  • Good knowledge of the digital fields, especially influencer marketing and the media 
  • Demonstrated track record of bringing insight, strategy and ideas generation to new business pitches
  • Ability to look at both the big picture and details
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skill to communicate effectively with internal and external people 
  • Be practical and down-to-earth to offer feasible solutions for both clients and internal teams.
  • Willing to go further to gain high proposal winning rate 
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English and Vietnamese. 
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