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We are Krypto – one of the leading Branding agencies in Vietnam which provides a wide range of Branding services. We are a division under Big Cat Entertainment, the owner of Ghiền Mì Gõ (#9 in Youtube Vietnam) & La La School (#25).

Our 4 core businesses:

  1. Youtube-focused Viral campaign: Include channel creation, channel management & channel content strategies.
  2. Facebook-focused Viral campaign: Includes all 3 processes – booking + planning + production. We utilize both online & offline activities to maximize the viral impact. We focus on building Brand Awareness in the first phase, then Brand Lift in the next phase.
  3. Personal Branding (for influencers/KOLs): Improve one’s brand through our own and our partner’s social media platforms – Youtube channels (Ghiền Mì Gõ, La La School, Vitamin Girl, etc.), Facebook, music channel (Keeng Music), VOD platforms (Mocha, Myclip, Keeng Movies), TV show (The Bachelor), movie (Em Tren 18), etc.
  4. Academy & Consultancy: Training, consulting, mentoring & speeches provided by the 2 cofounders (Tony Viral & Dung Phan).

Our mission is to help clients evolutionize their brand with our data-driven Branding solutions.

Our vision: In 5 years we aim to become the leading Branding agency in Vietnam.

Our 5 core values: reliability, client-centric, honesty, responsibility and teamwork.

Our slogan: Great views – True Impact.

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