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DDB & Tribal Worldwide Vietnam

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In 1949, three enterprising gentlemen, Bill Bernbach, Ned Doyle and Maxwell Dane gave the advertising industry a wake-up call. From Bill Bernbach to Keith Reinhard to the present generation of DDB leaders, we are continuing the revolution. Today, DDB & Tribal Worldwide is a member of Omnicom Group and offers the effective integration of creativity & technology to drive the most engaging conversations. 

In 2016, DDB Asia has announced a partnership with Vietnam Trade Alliance to transform “innovative company” DDB Vietnam into an agency specializing in marketing solutions.

Walter Blocker, as President of DDB Vietnam, will lead the company to exploit the development of e-commerce in Vietnam.

Mr. Walter Blocker is the President and CEO of Vietnam Trade Alliance (VTA), with offices in 5 cities of Vietnam. Walter has resided in Vietnam since 1995. He previously served as President of the American Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam for three years and as the incumbent Chairman of the U.S. Trade Council for the Asia Pacific region, which represents 10,000 U.S. companies in 19 countries across Asia.

Under the leadership of Walter Blocker, DDB Vietnam will provide marketing solutions in digital, e-Commerce, Shopper Marketing, Data-mining and brand management. DDB Vietnam will work directly with the region’s DDB headquarters in Singapore, especially with Tribal Worldwide Singapore’s team of digital technicians and Tracy Locke’s marketing shopper experts.





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