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No matter what role you fit into, you will be playing a crucial part in impacting millions of lives across Vietnam. Because at CREATORY, all career path lead to one common goal: to Bring Joy to billions young generation by Enabling everyone’s Talents.

Creatory is an online platform for creative people & companies to showcase and sell their work. Your Profile, Your Store, Your Creative Directory. Our mission is To help make the creative industry more transparent and by doing so, help creative people & companies grow and become more successful at what they do.

Creatory’s organisation thrives with self-evolving & open-minded people who always love to question & try & adapt the new idea with quickest & positive manner. We provide extraordinary opportunities to grow faster and stay ahead of the trend in industry-leading business.
Creatory’s unique culture would make you excited to join us as one of the best places to work in HCMC. With CREATORY, you would be surprised with how far you can grow so quickly with the greatest people.

1. Amazing Teammates
“Hiring the smartest, most talented and innovative people in Vietnam” is our consistent strategy from the beginning. That being said, we bring you a group of brilliant colleagues who can help you to move your life to a whole new level.
2. A World-Class Company Culture
Our World-Class company culture leads the way people in CREATORY’ work, grow and live. We WORK together in a happy environment, which help us to GROW and value our LIVES under the light of our 7 company cultures which are:
(1) Dare to dream big
(2) Evolve through learning
(3) Positive and passionate
(4) Practice transparency and candor
(5) Turn customers into raving fans
(6) Help others rock their greatest lives
(7) Honor my words with action

3. Happiness is around you
Self-Evolution & Ownership of work & productivity are all that we care about. Creatory doesn’t need people to obey working time of 9-6, we don’t force them to stay serious on their seat all day. They are given the power to choose what makes them comfortable and willing to come to the office every morning.

This Three-step process will help you see if We’re a Match. CREATORY is not a regular company. Rather we are an Eco systems between Talent – Company – Community. We’re focused on one thing “TO BRING JOY TO BILLIONS YOUNG GENERATION BY ENABLING EVERYONE’S TALENTS” . We can generate and bring out massive values for the future of our next generations.
Step 1: Does our Mission excite you?
The most extraordinary people in the world today don’t have a career. What they have is a mission. At Creatory, we create opportunities for Vietnam’s Young generations enrich their creativity & consciousness so that they can have more choices which lead better results.
STEP 2: Do you align with our values?

Envisioning: We believe in the power of audacious vision. Ridicule is the price visionaries pay to get to the world-class.
Transformation: Evolution is fundamental biology of human and it is happening at this very moment. If you don’t keep evolving, you will become obsolete. Excellence: Have the minority mentality so you live like a Hero & Leader, not as an average person.

STEP 3: Would you love to work for one of these functions?
(1) Talent Management Department: PR, Content Marketer, Esports Management, Talent Management, Video Producer (Video Editor), Multimedia Designer, Cameraman….etc
(2) Brand Media Department: QA / QC, Copywriter, Producer, Digital Marketing, Video Producer (Video Editor), Multimedia Designer, Cameraman….etc
(3) Partnership Department: Partnership Management, Traffic Management, Account….etc
(4) Innovation Department: Innovation Management, Business Developer and Problem Solver, Developer…etc
(5) Headquarter Department: Finance Management, Accountant, HR Management, Recruitment, C&B, L&D, Office Management, Designer…etc
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