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Job Description With team Manage the day-to-day digital campaigns, including initial planning, implementation, monitoring, optimization, analysis and reporting. Working with the account team, the creative and the content team to understand the client’s business objectives and media strategy, making decisions on the best form of media for specific clients and campaigns; Monitoring campaign to make sure campaign KPIs on-track Maintaining
MÔ TẢ CÔNG VIỆC Tham gia phát triển ý tưởng cùng team concept, account Định hướng và triển khai ý tưởng hình ảnh, key visual Nắm bắt ý tưởng, hiện thực bằng phác thảo hình ảnh (Sketch), kịch bản ý tưởng (story board) diễn hoạt ảnh động (animation) Hướng dẫn, truyền tải ý tưởng cùng team thiết kế để ra
Job description Innovate and orient concept/big idea for clients/brands Ensure the work produced is high in quality and in line with client/brand expectations Drive constant improvement in creative quality and capabilities. Managing outside resources, including vendors, photographers, color separators, printers, freelancers, web and interactive sub-contractors. Managing art direction, design, copywriting and production of projects Lead pitches Quality control, including proofing,
Compensation and benefits        Highly competitive compensation,  monthly bonus (% incentives based on collected revenue)        Private PVI insurance, phone allowance, training sponsorship, travel allowance, annual 15 AL per year.        A chance to learn more about management, leadership, entrepreneurship and technical area of digital marketing Your Role        Responsible for overall company sales target        Build sales strategy and list of potential clients        Develop
Job Description Sáng tạo Big Idea cho các chiến dịch Digital & 3600 Viết tagline, copy, kịch bản cho TVC/ Viral clip… Xây dựng câu chuyện, ý tưởng và chất lượng của các dự án Định hướng nội dung cho PR/ Social content Quản lý nhóm copywriter và content writer Kết hợp với Art Director và các Designer để đưa
Job Description Quản lý dự án: Chịu trách nhiệm trong việc xây dựng chiến lược Digital Marketing, chi phí dự án và thực hiện các buổi thuyết trình một cách thuyết phục trước khách hàng, phối hợp với bộ phận Planning trong công tác chuẩn bị bao gồm các phần việc: Nhận brief, brainstorm, viết proposal và trình bày ý
ABOUT US NOVAON INTERNET CORPORATION is a Google Premier Partner holding the largest market share in SEA, and a Facebook Trusted Partner & Alibaba’s Official Partner as well. After 13 years working in Digital Marketing industry, NOVAON has proudly provided services for more than 12,000 clients, successfully initiated 50.000 advertising campaigns. NOVAON was first established in 2006, with the former
* MÔ TẢ Nhận brief khách hàng từ team account, brainstorm ý tưởng thiết kế và ý tuởng thực hiện cho bản đề xuất ý tuởng dự án (proposal) Phụ trách các mảng thiết kế cho các chương trình event, activation.  Phối hợp với phòng Account – Event trong việc triển khai và kiểm soát công việc. Ham học hỏi,
Job Description Work collaboratively with partners, participate in company strategizing, and make recommendations for changes to the creative function to meet market changes, competitive threats or to support strategic plans Make decisions on a daily basis that ensure both profitability and creative quality Set expectations and standards (build a culture) for creative team attitude, behavior, teamwork and professional development. Lead
Job description  Takes responsibility for Work with Creative, Account Director to produce proposals to submit to the direct Manager and Directors, getting the comments from the team and revise the proposal, after approval of the managing director, take responsibility to send to client and follow up for the event/activities until it’s finished. Work on the Brainstorming meeting with the team
Position: SENIOR GRAPHIC DESIGN 3D 1. Monthly Salary 2. General Responsibilities: 2.1. Design/Art Output Development (70%): account for output and commercial success of the all 3D art/design/visual; ensure 3D art/design/visual deliverables aligned to client expectations and executed within budget and timescales. 2.2. Client Interaction (30%): ongoing working with clients with Project Leader regarding pitching designs, understanding clients’ needs; manage current,
Job Description Research the market and invite the potential YouTubers/creators to join the network. Take full advantage of your own network to invite YouTubers/creators to join the network Maintain the relationship and contribute to the growth of YouTubers/Creators. Promote the multi-channel network brand in the industry and create an inviting environment for new  YouTubers/creators. Work closely with your line manager
Job Description Assist in PR/IMC planning and coordinate activities Assist in client service Assist in executing digital marketing Work closely with media/ suppliers/ agencies to execute PR activities Related paperwork and support duties Assist other duties by General Director and Account Manager Job Requirements Above-average English fluency (IELTS 6+ or equivalent) Able to work full-time from Monday to Friday Able
Key Accountabilities: Client liaison to develop a strong understanding of client requirements and objectives Creating ideas that can be mainly used on PR platform and across various platforms to support campaigns Staying one step ahead of competitors by researching current media trends Inspiring the whole team to be expressive and innovative in their ideas Person Specification An impressive conceptual outlook

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